Dr. A.B. Shamsudduha
A New Surgical Technique :
Sutureless Glueless SFIOL
Aphakic eye in the absence of adequate capsular support. Previously it was impossible to implant intraocular lens(IOL) for adequate vision. Subsequently developed anterior chamber intraocular lens (ACIOL) implantation ,sutured scleral fixation intraocular lens (Sutured SFIOL), glued IOL .To avoid the ACIOL /sutured SFIOL/glued IOL related intraoperative and postoperative problems a newer technique (VRS technique) Sutureless, glueless, SFIOL is introduced of fixing a lens in the scleral pocket .We started this newer technique at BIRDEM Hospital, Dhaka from July 2015, which is newer and first time in Bangladesh. It is safe,stable and simple procedure (See the Video).